"Combined 100 Years
of Experience"

Cavache Inc. maintains a reputation as being one of the leading companies in the dredging industry. The company is third generation in the dredging business and performs a wide range of services including hydraulic dredging, mechanical dredging, mining and earth and land development. The company is licensed, bonded and insured. From management down to the equipment operators, Cavache's hands-on approach and industry expertise offers clients comfort and confidence that deadlines will be met, problems will be solved and jobs will get done worry free. Experienced personnel and frequently maintained equipment assures minimal downtime and optimal production. Cavache's exceptional track record on both private and public work is derived from its combined 100 years of experience and its technical knowledge unmatched by other companies in the industry. Cavache performs work throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean.


Cavache, Inc.
Co-Owners Anthony Cavo and Adam Adache